Top 5 Personal Documents That Need Translation And Why

Top 5 Personal Documents That Need Translation And Why

Let’s start with this question:

When was the last time you scanned through your file storage containing your personal documents?

Now the next question:

Which of those did you realize has a need for translation?

Perhaps it was quite some time ago, like months ago, or maybe years ago you gave your well-kept box a thorough look.

Throughout this hectic life, people are often occupied only by usual daily tasks. We live in a busy lifestyle that we only think of what we immensely need, and put on the side what’s not.

However, placing things aside means putting them at risk of being neglected or hence, completely be left behind. To name one of those is the need for document translations.

This blog post might help inform you or maybe just remind you why it is important to translate personal documents.

1. Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is the first document that sets as proof of one’s identity the moment a person is born on this planet. Therefore, this what makes it one of the most essential papers you’ll ever have. It is also the most common requirement for various purposes such as for academic requisites, applying for a passport, obtaining visas, acquiring government I.D.s, registering a marriage, plus other legal purposes.

But in a few cases, there will be a point in life wherein an individual/s will have to move out of the country, go for the study exchange, or get married to a foreign national.

Thus, a birth certificate written in your own language may sometimes not be accepted in another country unless translated in their native language. In this case, you will need to seek help from a professional translation service to request a certified translated version of your birth certificate.

2. Marriage Certificate

Another essential document you might need to get translated is your marriage certificate. This depends on the country you held the ceremony. Some countries provide a version of an internationally valid marriage certificate along with the original, some don’t. Some give it in English by default so it all varies from one country to another.

Here is an example based on personal experience.

I and my husband met while working on a cruise ship together. We both hold a different nationality. The wedding ceremony was held in Serbia. Our certificate is originally written in Serbian by default. As soon as we obtained our marriage certificate, we immediately had it translated into English to be able to use it internationally in any case.

Then, that moment came. As now a legally united couple, we wanted to stay on the same ship to live and work together. If we are not officially registered then we will randomly and separately be assigned to one of the 41 ships in the fleet of the company. So, in order to do that, we have to submit a proof of our unison. The only requirement is to submit a certified copy of our marriage contract translated into English.

A few days after submission, we received the approval without any problems. We stayed together on the same ship throughout our working years at sea.

Every situation differs from one another. To conclude this case, if you think translating documents such as a marriage certificate has advantages, then don’t waste time. Better be ready than sorry. Start asking for translation assistance. All you need is to contact the translation service, submit the document, and the translation job will be done smoothly for you.

3. Diploma and Transcript of Records

Diploma and Transcript of Records are documents proving your academic attainment.

If you completed your studies abroad, most likely you’ll have the need to translate them. This could either be for Visa Immigration requirement, an employment prerequisite, or maybe for another educational plan like higher studies in another foreign country.


4. Curriculum Vitae/ CV and Cover Letter

A Curriculum Vitae and a Cover Letter are the most vital documents for job searching. These documents serve as the self-introduction to recruiters thus require to be delicately structured. Since recruiters are spending less and less time viewing loads of job applications, then every job hunter must consider the first millisecond as the only chance to grab a recruiter’s attention.

That is through language. A curriculum vitae and a cover letter that is written in a language that the recruiter understands is what makes him proceed to read.

In the international market, there is a high competition among job seekers. With applicants holding well-gained experiences plus an effort to make their CV visually appealing, then recruiters will have a good impression. However, you must consider language as the initial aspect to look at when searching for a career opportunity in a foreign place.

So the first most thing to consider before sending out your CV and cover letter is asking yourself, “Is my CV composed in a language which the recruiter understands?”.

5. Title Deeds

Title Deeds are legal documents that stand as evidence of the rights of ownership to one’s property.

So why translate it?

One of the most common purposes is for visa or immigration. The immigration authorities may ask for the officially translated documents as a requirement to prove deep-rootedness to your country. Visa applicants should consider this document as one of the best evidence stating their connection to their home country.

Another occasion can be for future purposes especially when speaking about family inheritance. In circumstances when it happens to have a number of family members who live abroad but have kept close-tied to their roots or made plans to settle back home one day, it will be practical to translate the documents in a language that the entire family will understand without limits.

The availability of your personal documents in another language gives you an extended scope of opportunities internationally, plus an advantage of a hassle-free process.

We hope that this blog post helped remind you of which documents you need for translating, and who knows, maybe your next life adventure away is on the way, so better get it all prepared!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us here.

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