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Digital Valentine?

Digital Valentine?

Digital Valentine | A blog post by DEMA Solutions 4LSCS | Professional Translation Services for Language Service Providers

The Belvedere in Vienna is launching a completely new #NFT drop of a historical masterpiece. Just in time for #Valentine’s Day, the most famous depiction of a loving couple will be offered for sale in a limited number of digital excerpts.

Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ (Lovers) is one of the world’s most famous works of art and the centerpiece of Belvedere’s collection will be specially transformed into an NFT project. A high-resolution digital copy will be divided into a 100 x 100 grid, resulting in 10,000 inimitable individual pieces that will be offered as NFTs. Each NFT costs about €1.850 and has the number and other distinctive coordinates imprinted on it.

The whitelisting phase started on January 26th and is still ongoing. All willing to own the outstanding tokens will be able to participate in the minting starting from February 10th up to the public sale on February 14th.

The drop is going to take place on the specially created platform, where the picture can be viewed in its entirety. In addition to purchasing the NFT, buyers can register as owners of their pieces. This entry can also serve as a declaration of love – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Each holder can add his personal dedication of love to the NFT via the platform. These dedications can be seen on the platform starting February 14th.

ArtèQ founder Farbod Sadeghian also revealed the collective’s plans to further bridge the gap between traditional art and NFTs through a metaverse gallery: “We look forward to the creation of our own metaverse gallery, metaQ, where the users will be able to view and purchase a range of fine art NFTs.”

Own a unique NFT of The Kiss!

This NFT drop goes beyond taking the chance to own a fraction of the digitalized image of The Kiss. It is about creating a personal connection to the masterpiece. Becoming part of a community that will be written in the pages of the history of art and viewed as a pioneer in the metaverse.

The exclusive drop is limited to 10.000 pieces and each one is a unique part of the high-resolution image of The Kiss.

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