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DEMA Solutions 4LSCs is a language provider based in Italy with a branch office in Serbia. Our locations made us geographically convenient to function in two roles: SLV (Single-Language Vendor) for Italian and Regional MLV (Multiple-Language Vendor) for EX-YU languages such as Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Slovenian.

We are a division of a newly established company that understands all the strengths and weaknesses of the business we are running. It makes us a reliable point of contact for translation demand in any of our core languages.

Made up of experienced professionals who actively shape and advance skills and knowledge in the translation industry, we coordinate and unite, therefore resulting in an efficient and quality-focused team.

Now, let us introduce to you who made these all possible.

Meet our team

Meet our team - Milena Spelta Parenti

Milena Spelta Parenti

Key Account Manager

Meet our team - DEMA Solutions 4LSCS - Jovana Maravic

Jovana Maravic

Sales Manager

Meet our team - Daniele Miani - DTP Manager

Daniele Miani

DTP Manager

Meet our team - Marijana Campar - Desktop Publishing Specialist

Marijana Campar

DTP Specialist

Meet our team - DEMA Solutions - Ratko Asanovic -Desktop Publishing Specialist

Ratko Asanovic

DTP Specialist

Meet our team DEMA Solutions Gradimir Maravic DTP Specialist

Gradimir Maravic

DTP Specialist

Meet our team - Aleksandra Campar - DEMA Solutions - DTP Specialist

Aleksandra Campar

CAT-Tool Specialist

Meet our team - Igor Pirkovic - CAT Specialist DEMA Solutions

Igor Pirkovic

CAT-Tool Specialist

Meet our team Petar Tomic - DEMA Solutions Project Manager

Petar Tomic

Head of Project Managers

Meet our team Marija Jeremic DEMA Solutions

Marija Jeremic

Project Manager


We partner up with different
language service providers

DEMA Solutions 4LSCs focuses on catering multilingual translation and desktop publishing services 
to fellow language service providers.

We make their lives better as we provide translation services in Italian & EX-YU languages

Due to our geographically-friendly and ideal locations, we represent our unit in two roles specializing in our regions’ native language/s: Italian for SLV (single-language vendor) and EX-YU languages such as Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Slovenian for MLV (multiple-language vendor). We concentrate on our language scope, thus, making us extra skilled and competent with it.

We build strong rapport with our partners

Building a humanistic connection is beyond any achievement. It’s the best ingredient to a better working experience:
we tell our ideas confidently, support each other consistently, share thoughts with transparency, as well as exchange funny and unfunny jokes. 😁

What others say about us

"DEMA Solutions is a dynamic language service provider that responds to our needs and thus puts its customers first. The cooperation with the staff is a pleasure and leads to success."
TANNER AG - Client Testimonial for DEMA Solutions Translation Services and Multilingual DTP Solutions for language service provides in Italian and EX-YU languages
Tomislav Matievic

From here to there...

TEKOM 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

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About DEMA
Solutions 4LSCS

A group of professionals in translation industry providing multilingual translation services and DTP solutions to language service companies in Italian and EX-YU languages.


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