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Top 5 Facebook Groups Every Translation Professional Will Love

Top 5 Facebook Groups every translation professional will love - no. 3 is our favorite!

Are you a translator, translation project manager, linguist, machine translation enthusiast, in other words, a translation professional who also engages on social media?

We bet you’re following groups or pages about languages and translations.

According to Statista, with roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2021 (in millions) | Statista
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Honestly speaking, almost all of us at DEMA have a Facebook account.

It’s simply the best space to stay in the loop with each other, follow industry trends, build awareness, and even find opportunities.

All of these goals are possible through Facebook’s special feature called Facebook groups.

The definition of groups is:

“Groups are a place to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can create a group for anything — your family reunion, your after-work sports team, or your book club.”

If you want to search for a community, discuss related topics, and exchange knowledge about specific interests, Facebook groups are a great place to start. 

When it comes to translation industry, there is a fair list of Facebook groups where you’ll find resources about various subjects related to translation and localization, learn from fellow translation professionals’ experiences, and even new job opportunities in the industry.

We gathered the top five Facebook groups every translation professional will love based on our teammates.

1.) ProZ is home to the most leading community of freelance translators, interpreters, and language professionals.

Originally a website, ProZ serves as an online community and workplace for language professionals.

The advantage of bringing ProZ to Facebook groups is the chance of extending the audience reach.

Whoever has a Facebook account without an existing ProZ profile has a great shot in having a preview about the ins and outs within the translation industry, for free.

In addition, having language professionals from ProZ use Facebook to share not only ideas but also sentiments. This way comprises a more engaged and connected community, pausing from the business-only and corporate-like approach.

2.) Localization Professional 


This group is a twin group of the one from LinkedIn.


In the translation industry, networking is an ingredient every language professional must have in his/her kitchen.


Localization Professional provides possibilities to help connect translation, localization, and globalization professionals. 


This group is another resource in building your rapport, showcasing your brand or business, finding new opportunities, sharing data, and/or discussing news and updates – everything for localization professionals!

3.) Machine Translation

Does Machine Translation (MT) excite you?

This is the group you must hit “join” right away and to be honest, is our favorite one.

Whether you are a language professional or not, if you have the heart for Machine Translation, you’ll love the Machine Translation Facebook group.

Members share links to MT-related events/webinars, free e-books, tips and tricks, and much more.

Posts such as the one shared by the group’s administrator titled “Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with Attention Mechanism”, a definitive guide to translate language using deep learning.

What’s more?

Well, you’ll have to join the group to find out and benefit from the MT goodies as never before.


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4.) LocPub 


The title itself reveals what it has to offer.


LocPub is a Hub (Pub!) for translation and localization professionals being active in the language industry while staying home. 

An online meeting place for people in the language industry during the Covid19 pandemic. 


The requirement for admittance is being an: LSP, Freelance Translator, Language Student, or Technology Provider.


So you should know that the members aren’t just language fans but are people who decided to make languages a part of their life, choosing this as a career or major in studies. 


You’ll even find notable experts participating who share lots of information about translation industry trends. 


Some events are initiated here by collecting data using surveys and polls from the participants.


Countless tips and advice from the pros are casually shared here. 


Try to backread the posts. You’ll realize that most of the questions you have were answered. If not, you may be the next one to post a question and get interesting insights from fellow translators/translation professionals. 


If you didn’t join the group yet, now is the time. 


Don’t miss the best place to engage in discussing topics about translation, languages, and technology.

5.) The Language Nerds

Being directly involved in the translation industry indicates what we all have in common –  our passion for languages.

This community brings together everyone who has the heart for languages, whether already in the translation industry or not. 

Also, a perfect spot to spread your knowledge about your native language.

Since this group is more for casual conversations than professionally-based, you’ll find many of the posts relate to humor, irony, and of course, exceptional memes which you’ll find nowhere else.

So if you want to have a good laugh or just grant yourself a break from a busy day with loads of translation jobs, just take a peek at The Language Nerds group and it’ll make your day!

Did we miss any on the list? Hit us up and let us know the next Facebook page about translations and languages to follow!