Happiness: an analyses of the term in different languages The Oxford English Dictionary gives the following definitions: In English: In a way, …

Translators are the facilitators of the world

Developing New Skills: Full-time Translator, Part-time Post-editor Over the past years, a limitless number of business-related activities are expanding around the globe …

Quality Part II: “Es kann immer besser werden”

or “It can always be better”. This is a brief summary with personal insights about an enlightning book “Humble Inquiry” by Edgard …

Quality is an ancient topic :Code of Hammurabi

or continuous aiming at better and greater things. Among the many meanings of the word “quality”, two are of critical importance to …

How to Use InDesign Files for Translation Requests

If you’ve handled projects that dealt with graphics and translations, you might have already heard about using InDesign files for translations. But …

Sailing down the depths of Te Rehutai

A legendary story was once being told about two islands that were found. These islands together are now known as New Zealand …

Desktop Publishing or DTP in Translation Industry: Which factors make it essential?

Desktop Publishing or DTP is a process of using computer software specialized to create page layout and designs. So why do translation …

What's the process of translation?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the word “process” means a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result. Just …

Top 5 Personal Documents That Need Translation And Why

Let’s start with this question: When was the last time you scanned through your file storage containing your personal documents? Now the …

Translations, Localization, Transcreation

When you hear the words translation, localization, and transcreation, do they confuse you about what makes them different to each other? They …

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