"To write is human,
to edit is divine."
- Stephen King


DEMA offers Revision | Editing services, wherein the process of submitted translations will be compared to their source language takes place.

The translations in terms of accuracy, coherency, and effectiveness are thoroughly checked.

We start by hand-picking a skilled editor specialized in the project’s subject field.

The editor will refine the translated text by incorporating preferred glossary, terminology, and style specifications established during the initial project phase.

They must examine if the transmitted translation did not leave anything out.

Revision | Editing has a lot to do with how the readers will perceive the context. The criteria include questions like:

As they deal with comparing source language to target language, they must, at the same time, put a balance in terms of aligning the cultural and linguistic nuances.

The edited document shall no longer be read like a translation, but as if it sounds like the original although translated in its target language.

The result should be a document that is easily and distinctly understood from the reader’s view.


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