Literally, monolingual means speaking only one language or expressed in only one language.

Proofreading means reading a proof copy of a text to spot and correct errors. This process is commonly known as Review but in the translation industry, it is also referred to as Monolingual Proofreading.

These words, proof and reading, combined together explain the process of reviewing: to read a proof copy to identify the errors and correct them.

Many juggle with the terms review/monolingual proofreading and revision/editing. How do you differentiate between the two processes?

Review/monolingual proofreading is a process wherein a professional in the project’s field such as a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer is examining the finished translations in their target language. The monolingual proofreader checks if any existing terms or the content as a whole is appropriate to the subject’s field of industry. They will also detect if errors exist. Revision/editing is performed by a second linguist and is the method of checking the translated document by comparing the source language with the target language and applying corrections where necessary.

Revision includes:


the accepted way to write a word using the correct sequence of letters.


the system of inflections and syntax of a language and the rules governing the structure of a language.


the positioning of words and phrases to create well-structured sentences in a language.


refers to the proper appearance of the text as a whole.


are the symbols and marks used to help a sentence convey its meaning clearly. (e.g. question mark, period, comma). Are the symbols localized correctly?

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