Quality Assurance

Ever since we are founded, we’ve been guided by a similar philosophy. Every segment of our workflow is carefully designed to deliver consistent results, yet flexible enough to adapt to our clients’ unique expectations and measures of quality. We are wholehearted to assure that your word travels the world flawlessly, in any language.

Agile Project Management


Our service professionals will assist you and respond to your every demand, thoroughly performing a smart cost-benefit analysis, and setting a foundation for a long-term relationship. Experienced project managers will carry the torch of every project, selecting qualified linguists and managing timeframes to meet your deadlines.


Dedicated CAT tool specialists will identify the most efficient approach, starting from initial preparations to the quality assurance phase, solving any technology-related issues you may encounter, and offering you support along the way.

QA Delivery


We’ve connected experienced linguists from all around the globe and hired individuals that are truly committed and passionate about languages, experts that are driven to set the highest standards in the industry.

Altogether, our linguists, project managers, and CAT Tool experts will make sure that your projects are thoroughly revised multiple times, following proven procedures that have been established by our Internal Quality Audits.

That is why our Quality Assurance process is a chapter of its own, seamlessly connected, and strategically planned.

Our Linguists

We know our resources. An established rapport with our linguists ensures us improvement and
top-notch quality that we acquire through the following actions:


All our linguists are carefully
selected from the very beginning.

They are required to provide documented proof of their professional and educational qualifications along with five years of full-time professional experience in translating. Technical expertise and mastery of specific subject areas are also key in understanding if they can meet our clients’ requirements.

There is no end to the testing period. even our most trusted linguists regularly undergo evaluation.

Depending on the number of words translated for DEMA, their projects are thoroughly revised, implementing strict procedures established by Internal Quality Audits. Every linguist in our company receives regular feedback and periodical assessments. Evaluation parameters are integrated into our TMS which are visible and accessible to our PMs whenever it comes to selecting the most suitable resource for a specific project.

Daily contact with our linguists – sharing with them revisers’ feedback and opening a dialogue to optimize the final result.

Our PMs perform a second QA on all projects, therefore, clears potential doubts before delivery to the client. Informal and transparent communication allows us to have better insights into the difficulties they might encounter periodically, listen to their suggestions making collaborations more efficient, and satisfactory to all involved.

The translation Quality Assurance process encompasses the whole ecosystem of translation project management, starting from an accurate vendor selection and ending with the final QA checks.

We treat each of our projects as a standalone work of art. We shape our processes and workflow according to the client’s requirements and put all our focus, experience and the knowledge of our CAT-tool specialists into finding the solution perfectly suited for each project.

We have implemented a Quality Management System based on the fulfilment of requirements stipulated in UNI-EN-ISO 17100:2017.

Translation Quality Assurance Systems
A QA Check is the crucial synergy between the professionalism of top linguists and technical support of their skills. It detects possible mistakes on a specific project and provides structured feedback to the linguists.


In order to ensure flawless translations for our clients, we support our linguists with Automated QA Tools software that checks for machine-detectable errors:

QA and LQA parameters inherently depend on the specific project requirements – ranging from complex terminology-endowed life sciences translations to Technical Translations, Website Localization, Legal or Marketing Transcreation projects.

To ensure that all project requirements are fully met, we apply both internal and external QA checks before delivering each project. We minimize risks and ensure that the project is completed in compliance with all requirements and standards.

Internal QA Checks
(CAT-Tool integrated QA)

The specific requirements and demands of translation projects are met through QA modules embedded in CAT tools used by the linguists. After we receive the translated files and QA Report from our linguists, our CAT Tool Specialists thoroughly check that all Quality Control Parameters are correctly set and tailored to the goal, covering Terminology, Formatting, Punctuation, Missing or Incomplete Translations, and compliance with Local Standards. A second QA Check is run by our CAT-Tool staff to isolate any unresolved issue.

An External QA check is done in
standalone Quality Assurance software tools

To double-check results of the built-in QA Tools, we also run an additional QA Check: These checks are usually performed in QA tools like Verifika, XBench or QA distiller. As we are working with LSPs, we adjust our workflows and tools depending on our client’s preference and project specific requirements therefore we are confident that we are meeting the standards. After the external check is performed, we revert to the linguist in case we have any doubt about the QA results. Once all results are recognized as false positives, we deliver the project.

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