File Preparation for Translation Purposes

Professionals in the language industry know well how critical the step of
File Preparation for translation purposes is.

Optimize Files for CAT Tool Segmentation

Enhance Translation Output

Save Post-Translation Layout Efforts

Fixing issues like

Directly in the source text will result in

We are all used to receiving any kind of source file from the end customer, who is often not aware of the pre-processing step.

Language services companies, on the contrary, are.

That’s why DEMA 4LSCs developed a strong File Preparation Workflow.

File Preparation is always done on the
native source files.

No matter the format, performing File Preparation is crucial before sending them to translation. 

File Preparation will identify and fix any issues that could be carried over into the target files.
As a result, a clean TM (Translation Memory) is maintained and both the translators’ and DTP specialists’ work are facilitated.

“Preparation is half the battle."

Start preparing your files for translation purposes and optimize your work now.

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