Desktop Publishing Services

or DTP

Desktop Publishing or commonly DTP covers all computer processes used to produce and format documents for final printing or publishing.

DEMA Solutions provides a division dedicated to help you achieve tasks which involve graphic processing, creation, revision, and reconstruction of any type of document.

By relying on a complete service, from translation to DTP, you will save time: the professional use of graphic-editing programs (such as InDesign, Frame Maker, Illustrator, etc. See full list of programs below..) allows us to process and layout the translated document so that it perfectly reflects the original one.

Where is DTP mostly used and applied to?

Product Packaging

Designs used for packaging of containers, wrapping, box, can, carton, etc.

Promotional Materials

Brochures, catalogs, flyers,
posters, banners, business cards. leaflets, pamphlets, greeting cards, postcards

User Manuals

Also known as instruction manual, handbook, operating manual or instruction booklet


Small soft-bound books used for educational and informative purposes

Which graphic-editing programs are used for DTP?